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What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?

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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the simplest and most secure way to exchange files between two computers. The most common use for FTP is to upload and download files from the Internet.

What is a FTP CLient?

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An FTP client is a program that allows you to transfer files between two computers over the internet. It allows a user to connect to a remote host and upload or download the files. It has a set of commands that we can use to connect to a host, transfer the files between you and your host, and close the connection.

How do I set up my FTP?

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Setting up your FTP is easy and fast. First, you will need access to a server. Gather your server name, username and password. Go to the User Guide for a step by step guide to set up your FTP once you have completed your download.

How fast can I transfer files?

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That depends entirely on the speed of your Internet connection. With a good connection, a 10MB file should take less than a minute to download. But, keep in mind that most broadband providers limit your upload bandwidth significantly, so uploads may take longer than downloads.

How is ForestFTP different from other FTP clients?

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ForestFTP has numerous features that makes it the best trending FTP on the market. You can review all of our features on our Merits page

Is there a file size limit?

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There is no file size limit. The only limit on an upload is how much space you have left on your computer / your server's computer.

What operating systems work with ForestFTP?

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ForestFTP works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers.

What is the pricing for Forest FTP?

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Forest FTP is only $9.95 for full lifetime access. Additional upgrades and addons are available.